Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Modern Reich - The New Blitzkreig (Part 2)

Now you might be thinking “Pst... So what if everyone’s spread out?”  Do not glance over this feat. It is not a mere coincidence but a deliberate design to maximize production and opportunity. I actually asked the tour guide why that is. I got an answer that even to this day I am still pondering about the seriousness of the answer. He said to me “Because in a war, if you lose a big city, like Paris with a population of 12 million people, your production is captured and your war is over. If you have spread out populations, even if you lose a city, you can keep going.” My mind was blown and then he went on and bashed the French about their city designs.

The sight in Berlin is not very modern nor futuristic like those you would see in Tokyo streets on the Internet or whatever. Things in Berlin have a very stern look to them, the buildings, the roads, and like the attitudes of German people, who clearly have few appreciation of the concept of comedy, are very serious when they go out and about. Sorry (Es tut mir leid - pronounced Esh-tute me lied), is never used in the daily diction of the German people. I have never heard anyone use it during my stay in Germany. Maybe it indicates that they are wrong, they don’t like to be wrong. Instead, Germans want to appear to be professionals, men and women who knows their shit. My stay in Berlin have been very enjoyable overall but I was perhaps expecting something else, something more, because at the end of it I still feel like something is owed to me, that maybe the city didn’t do enough to strike me with awe. We stayed in a hotel called Park Inn, in Berlin, it's a Radission owned hotel. It had 37 floors, and was apparently the TALLEST building in Berlin. I shit you not.  Placing Germany as the first stop in our Euro trip will perhaps prove to be a brilliant idea as we travel by air to Rome.

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