Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Good

Rome is an absolutely beautiful city with architectural designs that are nowhere to be found in the modern era. The buildings exuberates a level of attention to detail like no other modern design. The city is simply an extravagant display of human ingenuity and accomplishment in the arts. The most appropriate way to describe Rome, and Milan as well is to compare it with time travel. This is about as close as it gets to being thrown back into the Renaissance. Rome is also a city of history. The city was found by two boys who were raised by a mystical wolf, which dates back to the 700s BC Era. I shit you not. It is a story of empires and glory, a child’s fantasy come to life and more. A tale of the rise and fall of Empires and civilization. You won’t be reading it here first, but the city is a very accurate depiction of ancient, Renaissance, and modern Rome. There are three very different faces of the city, which together forms Rome. Words don’t do the look of the city justice and I would rather not start. Otherwise I would be here for days.

Also did I mention the food? It’s spectacularly good. The restaurant scene isn’t dominated by franchise chains with generic formula. There is a good and a not so good aspect to this. The good thing about this is that because restaurant tend to be a family run business. You can often find great food at low prices if you know where to look. There are hidden gems all over Rome. A very runned down restaurant can often turn out to have spectacular food. The bad? Well... it’s either a hit or miss most of the time unless you revisit the same restaurant over and over again. Now I am not a connoisseur or Michelin guide reviewer by any extent, but the Italian culinary formula works and they know it too. So do yourself a favour next time you visit Rome, skip the McDonald’s and Starbucks and opt for something more local, even if it looks daunting at first.

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