Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Bad

The modern Rome that you’ll come into contact first, is run by Italians, it is the Italian capital and the most populous city in the country. Hence, it also reflects all the problems of the country. The economic slow down, the constant influx of unaccounted and sometimes illegal migrants and workers, and believe it or not the trouble of maintaining service standard is difficult in Rome. A wise man on the internet simply put in elegant words: The rent is just too damn high! This level of decentralization leaves the Roman people stranded and has to fend for themselves, hence the segregation within the city. The challenges in the modern world has never been more tested than present. EU as a coalition, as a concept, as an international organization is being put to the test as we now wait and see if it’s all for one, or one for all. ;) The put it more in a polite term, the modern Romans are a practical people, but realistically speaking, the Romans are not an easily trusting group of people. They let their guards down with tourists though, a more docile and naïve group of people who reminds them of who we all once were.

Now I’d hate to end on a sad note. So I’ll include something that I’d left out in The Good, which is the people. Your typical Italian is full of passion. They love visitors and they just seem to have this energy to do things. All things... smart things... stupid things... and all the things in-between. Whereas when compared to North Americans, we look like a bunch of pansies. Well... compared with me, I look like a pansy. They can out drink, out party, out rowdy, and out woo anyone. The influence of Casanova (an Italian) is strong in Italian culture. Every hour is happy hour, and with espresso this good, there is no reason not to. You only live once: that’s the motto.

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